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"Simplicity and beauty combine fluidly in the sculpture of Bruce LaFountain. Bruce has created a body of work that has redefined the concept of typica...
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bruce lafountain


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Adrian Allard says...

An old friend from Tinker Hall days enjoy s the heck out of your artwork.

Savannah Nelson says...

Love the work uncle. You are one true talented artist, proud to call you uncle. Hope all is well..much love! :)

mike civelli says...

A beautiful man...creating beautiful art..i smile with happiness for you
bruce..hope to see you soon.

latanya says...

cool artist

Mr. Lonnie & Barb Du Bois says...

How's it going Bruce! Seen your latest work, it's awesome! Hope your making us some money! lol ha! ha! Keep up the good work.

leetracy says...

Hey Bruce-- hope all is well in your life. Say hi to Frankie B too.

Marianne Poitra Donner says...

Hey Bruce - Your work is beautiful!!! God Bless - Marianne

frankborrello says...


Michelle Lafountain says...

Hey-Bruce is my brother and I just want you all to know his family is very proud of the man and artist he has become. He is very caring, he calls daily to check on mom. Its nice to know he's done so well doing work that is so moving/spiritual and being able to love what you do everyday. He is truely blessed. Love you Bruce your little sis Michelle.

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