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Doug West says...

Hi Barbara, Thanks for your story of living with my art over all these years. It is gratifying to hear, as well as affirming. Thank you so much for commenting. Best wishes, Doug

Barbara Frankel Abrams says...

We just moved to Cave Creek Az. Back in the 70\'s I bought a 4 X 5 foot print of desert landscape with butte and clouds and had it shipped framed and signed to Chicago. And now it is home. It inspired me all these years.

Doug West says...

Hi Bobbye,

Well it is fun to hear you have my work from so very early in my career, and particularly that you are still enjoying living with it in your home. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your comments. I loved living in Boulder for 7 years during the late 80\'s and trust it is still a magical place for you both, albeit with lots of growth and change.

Again thank you for collecting my work.


Bobbye says...

When my husband and I got married in Boulder in 1983 we used our wedding money to buy one of your prints from a gallery there.

It is a very large print...evergreen trees close up...on a mountain with clouds rolling in.

It is an artist proof and the name is \"A Reach Witihin.\" Later we bought a small print, \"Edge of Winter.\"

Fast forward to today and they are still the focal points of our living room!

We love them so much.

Doug West says...

Francis and Joe,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write. I remember you well and am so appreciative of your support for my work as well as your kind words. Since you are both serious collectors, your comments mean even more. Thanks so much!

Best Wishes,

Doug West says...

Hi Barbara,

Yes I heard from the gallery that you collected \"Barbara\'s World\", and that it was shipped to your home in Switzerland. Your\'s is a fun story and thanks for sharing it. When I painted this, my girlfriend had just introduced me to her passion for her 2 wonderful horses and thus they were my inspiration for including them in this Taos, New Mexico landscape... oh, and her name is Barbara as well.

Best wishes,

Francis and Joe says...

Owning so much art, as we do, and collecting art both for beauty and hopeful investment purposes, there are only TWO out of, say, 50 artist\'s work of whom we own several that we would NEVER let go of. Your works are one of those two artists.

The colors, compositions, power, and profundity of your works are just beyond our ability to ever fully take in; even years later. There have been MANY times that one or both of us simply stand, IN AWE, of what we are looking at as we view one or several of your glorious works.

We began to collect your work from BRG at the time that a stunning painting of yours that we came SO CLOSE to purchasing ( if only we had known more of you then,) was selected by the State of New Mexico for its Centennial stamp.

Your works from that period, especially for us, through today, remain hallmarks of perfection, inspiration and a unique inner joy/shared understanding of the Southwest; so much so that we regularly purchased some true Doug West masterpieces.

Having sooken on a few occasions too, you are one remarkably kind and generous man. I\'m so happy to see these new works and hope you are happy and well. As always, they are superlative.

Best regards,
Francis and Joe

Barbara Camenzind says...

Dear Doug, just a little story for you: In 2008 I travelled in New Mexico for 3 weeks, so the landscapes you paint are familiar to me. Somehow I have very warm and special feelings for New Mexico.
When in Santa Fé I discovered Bluerain Gallery, and since then I use to visit Bluerain Gallery\'s website from time to time and so got acquainted with your beautiful paintings. About 2 years ago I discovered a painting of yours for sale on the gallery\'s website, a landscape with two horses. I felt a warmth in my heart and thought \"Oh this is my painting, this is just my painting, it\'s made for me, I would so much like to have it...\" (I had a Peruvian horse that looked almost the same like the chestnut on the painting). Only after some time did I notice the title of the painting: \"Barbara\'s World\". I had to lough out loud - my name IS Barbara!
Luckily I was able to purchase the painting and it is now hanging in my living room in Switzerland - so just you know where it is...

I\'ve seen all your paintings online, ready for the exhibition at the gallery. I wish you great success and a very special opening on Friday. May each one of your paintings find a corresponding heart... Warm regards from Switzerland, Barbara

Doug West says...

Hi Paul & Lo, Thank you for collecting my work! I have traveled to many beautiful places, but the topography of the Southwest is like nowhere else, and you are right about the skies as well. Artists drawn to this region always marvel on the drama of its clouds and how the clarity of the air produces a deep spacial reality.

Paul & Lo says...

My wife and I love how you capture the southwest skies and landscape...........we purchased one of you paintings several years ago in Santa Fe.......and it continues to inspire

Doug West says...

Tom, Those are very special words, thank you. My connection with nature originated from a childhood spent wandering and exploring, seeing purity in this beautiful world. That has alway informed the creative intent at the heart of my work. I think this is source of the peace you experience with the work. I am deeply pleased it touches that chord for you.


Tom Morgan says...

Beautiful and graced with peace. Your work takes you there, Gives you the freedom to experience it alone or with someone special. There\'s much to be embraced on your work.

Doug West says...

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your kind message about \"Southwestern Gothic\". The Organ Mts. behind Las Cruces are so dramatic and I enjoyed creating this view... which differs from what is normally portrayed. I look forward to returning there for more inspiration.

Best Regards,

Tim and Melissa says...

Hi Doug,

My husband and I own Southwestern Gothic. We are now building a house and I am designing our color palette around the beautiful colors in the painting.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Best Regards,


Smithc960 says...

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Doug West says...

Lee, thanks for your comment about my work and the expanse it evokes. Of course for us all, so much of New Mexico is like Nature\'s cathedral... where we can melt into solitary moments with quiet reverence.

Lee Bronock says...

Mr. West;
It\'s been decades since I was \"Out West\" and I felt that clear air, endless sky feeling when I found a seriagraph of your \"Here and Now\" sitting on the shelf above the dresses in a local thrift shop. I got it and hung it on the wall in my library/den. Whoever expired and left it has generously given its\' light and space to me to enjoy. It brings back a memory of being all of six in 1962 and climbing up a scree to the top of a hill off of the road through the Petrified Forest. Endless space! I feel the thrill today. Thank you for being an artist and expressing the feel of the place.

Doug West says...

Susan, sorry for the delay in responding. \"Born on the Wing\" is a large format serigraph edition I hand printed early in my career. It remains one of my favorites for its simplicity and bold graphic composition. Although it does not reference a specific place, it certainly was inspired by my early experiences after moving to New Mexico... viewing its dramatic skies, the pinion trees defining the contours of land forms, and the river that is its lifeblood... the Rio Grande.


Susan says...

Beautiful work, Doug. I have a poster from Aspen Mountain Gallery, 1984 \"Born on the Wing\". Can\'t find any reference to it anywhere. Do you have details?

Doug West says...

Mary, Thanks so much for sharing your story about \"Time & Space\". Of course artists enjoy knowing when their work has found a special home because it speaks to the collector in some indefinable, personal way.

Your comment about seeing a special moment and relating to my art is gratifying. Such times are often the inspiration for me to begin a new creation. I highly value observing the unfolding beauty of our world... our experiences in nature we all prize while transiting time. It is my special joy communicating these visions through my work. Thanks again for sharing with me.

All the best,

Mary McMullin says...

My husband and I first fell in love with your work when we visited your gallery in Socorro, NM in 2001. My husband was particularly enamored by your serigraph \"Time and Space.\" Being a young, newly married couple, we couldn\'t afford it, but my husband never forgot that image. Fast forward 10 years: For our anniversary, I decided to see if I could find Time and Space even though it had been sold out for some time. Through an online search, I had the amazing good fortune of finding an unframed serigraph at a gallery in Albuquerque. I contacted the gallery as was told it had some minor damage, but that it was corrected/repaired by you personally. I said I\'d drive up from Socorro the next day. I looked at the serigraph, but for the life of me, I couldn\'t see where the damage and/or repair was. Long story short, I bought it, had it professionally framed by Todd in Socorro, and gave it to my husband. He was beside himself, and to this day, it is one of our most prized possessions, and we never tire of looking at it. I just thought I\'d share this story with you so you would understand just how much your work and vision are appreciated. P.S. I\'m living in AZ now, but there have been and are so many days when I look at the sky and the clouds and the light and say to myself, \"That\'s a Doug West painting waiting to happen.\"

Doug says...

Jo Ann, Thanks so much for your comments. I never tire of hearing such feedback. It is an unexpected result of so many years creating images of NM and the Southwest... and it surely is an honor for me to be thought of when an inspirational moment unfolds in this beautiful terrain.

All the best-

Jo ann mays says...

Never a day goes by that I don't see a Doug west sky, or a doug west mountain or a Doug west landscape of grasses and sage, both inside and out thank you for the beauty of your work.

Karen says...

Love your work
I have a 1984 (Angel Fire) also 1983 (/kaffman graghics)
You WOW me

DOUG WEST says...

Mark, Thanks for checking out my new work and thanks for your feedback. Interpreting the open beauty of the Southwest continues to creatively expand my artistic horizons.

Mark says...

Doug, I used to frame some of your art in the early 90's in Santa Fe, I have always loved basically every image you produce. Fantastic, keep it up!

Doug West says...

MM, Many thanks. Well yes... you did discover my work at the 1978 Armory show. It was my first public showing. At the time I was working a full time job but was compelled to be creative by producing art at home in the evening. Just after the Armory show I started showing in a Santa Fe gallery, and shortly after quit the full time job to focus on my art. That was over 30 years ago. I continue to love interpreting the beauty I see here in NM, and out there in the world at large.

MM says...

So glad to see your paintints at Blue Rain. I almost feel I "discovered" you, since I first saw one of your paintings/prints at an Armory show in Santa Fe in the 1970s, and commented, "This artist is going to make it!" I have two of your works and never tire of that fantastic sky.

Arlette & Art Briggs says...

We absolutely love your work and find it to be such a welcome addition to our home. It contributes to the warmth and coziness that we feel on a daily basis. Our guest enjoy the same feelings when they see your work in our home. No other artists can capture the skies that we so love here in New Mexico. We always look forward to viewing your work, up close and personal, at the Blue Rain Gallery. They are so gracious and do a beautiful job representing your work.

Doug West says...

Anna & Charlie, So good to hear your comments. You'd enjoy seeing these paintings I'm sure. I definitely remember painting the Rio Grande Gorge painting you collected. Best wishes to you!

Anna and Charlie Wilson says...

Your oils are breathtaking!

We haven't been in New Mexico since we had dinner with you several years ago, but are itching to get back. Would love to see your new work in person! The oil you did for us is still one of our favorites.

Still love the "Doug West Skies"!

Anna and Charlie

Doug West says...


Knowing that you have viewed this land your entire life and respond to my work means very much to me. My new show of paintings reflects my connection with what I love most about the Southwest- its clarity of light and vast dimensional space. Thanks for your positive comments.


Rey De Lupos says...

I am a native Santa Fean who has always had an intense appreciation for the beauty of New Mexico. It was in my early twenties that I first came into contact with Doug West's work.

When I saw his images I was blown away -- the vision and beauty of his art resonated with my own visceral experiences of this landscape we call the Land of Enchantment. Since that time my love for his work has grown in ever increasing levels of appreciation.

Thank you Doug for your inspiration and the beauty of your work.

Most sincerely,
Rey De Lupos

Doug West says...

Steve, Thanks for your positive comments. I love the colors that result from New Mexico's clear skies. The lIght... it truly is why so many artists are inspired by this place.

I strive to bring a heightened sense of realism by adding detail to my paintings, while still retaining the unique signature that brushes produce applying oil to canvas.

Best Regards,
DW says...

I love your work Doug its fantastic I love your color & detail WOW

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