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Part portraiture, part collage constructed of disinherited consumer “waste” collected in nearly fifty countries, part sociop...
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Mary Webster says...

I think Erin is great and I am proud and happy to have Saint Nicolas Herrera living at my house. Thank you, Erin (and Nick.)

Donna Sanders says...

I LOVE Erin and her work. Fantastic. I have small study of Sixto Rodriguez and his eyes follow me which is even more impressive bc she put tinted glasses on him - all out of collage.

Labelle deesse jr says...

Thank you very much for the painting you can really make a priestess feels special.

Richard Spas says...

Great and Inspiring!

Rebecca Black says...

I love Erin\'s work. visually stunning, powerful, emotional, colorful. A tremendously gifted artist, and I have only seen pictures.

make me known says...

im so impressed

Roger Korman says...

I\'ve seen most of the high-level collage work out there, but this really is the most beautiful, powerfull, and technically superior portraiture I\'ve seen yet...looking forward to your upcoming exhibition!

MARCI ALEN says...

These are astounding and her work in Juarez is so brave and inspiring.These are beautiful works of art.I can't wait to see the show!

Dan Weber says...

This is inspiring work. The portraits of the girls from Juarez don't exploit their status as victims; they celebrate their potential for life. It makes their murders all the more poignant.

Edward l. Jackson says... is this something!

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