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Pablita, Helen and Margarete

by Erin Currier

web # 14525

Original Paintings

Acrylic and mixed media on panel

36"h x 24"w

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As a woman artist who has lived and worked in New Mexico for more than two decades, I have felt a responsibility to honor and pay homage to those who came before me—innovative and influential greats such as Pablita Velarde, her daughter Helen Hardin, and her granddaughter Margarete Bagshaw. I purposely chose a warm and vivid palette, as well as materials, evocative of their respective work. In the piece, Margarete holds a paint brush, Helen a book by German philosopher Boris Groys (who writes of how Art born of tradition, spirit, heart, is being sidelined in favor of spectacle born of technology and bureaucracy); while Pablita’s hand, held by the other, is in the Earth-Touching gesture of the Buddha. -Erin Currier

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