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Giizhigong: Sidereal Time (Heaven)

by Eve Little Shell LaFountain

web # 14932


Dibond mounted archival inkjet print from a 4x5 color negative

40"h x 50"w

1 Image(s)

The "Waabanishimo (She Dances Till Daylight)" series explores the intersections of photography, motion pictures, performance, space, and time. These works are meditations on femininity and land through performance and time manipulation. This project investigates urban indigeneity, ceremony, tradition, landscape, spirits, light, and photographic mediums. LaFountain creates ghostly images using long exposures to burn the pathway of her ceremonies and celestial bodies into the frame. The titles are in Ojibwe, her tribe’s traditional language, with English translations. About Metal Prints: This new technology infuses dyes into specially coated metal sheets. The inks are infused into the metal, not just sprayed on the surface. The result is an eye popping print that not only looks brighter but also provides enhanced archival life.

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