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jose says...

im pretty glad to find this page and the great words on it
thanks for share the art of Lowell Talashoma
and give us nice memories :)

Peter Vos says...

DeRyn and DeWayne. In 1992, my wife and I were in Santa Fe for our honeymoon. There we were introduced to the lovely Hopi kachinas. We decided to get one as a wedding gift to ourselves. The prices were pretty steep in the galleries, often in the thousands. We decided if we were going to spend that kind of money, we should buy direct. So we rented a car and trekked out to Second Mesa. I was hunting for a Left-handed Hunter (being left-handed myself) and discovered the work of a very pleasant man, Lowell Talashoma. He explained why that katchina was one he took particular joy in crafting. Then he showed us one he was just putting the finishing touches on. It was gorgeous! Unfortunately, that katchina was already spoken for. But there was a lovely Corn Maiden who needed a good home. We still have it. And she is still lovely as ever.

I am sorry to hear Lowell is no longer with us, but his art will be here long after we are gone...bringing joy to people who aren\'t even born yet. Not a lot of people get to leave that enduring mark. He was a special kind of a guy!

DeRyn Talashoma says...

Hey Everyone,
I am Lowell\'s grandchild and I like looking at his work on google. I don\'t really remember any of his carvings but i would like to see one of them. When he passed i was really really young and at that time your a kid and don\'t pay attention to things. But now i really miss my grandpa and i want to see him everyday . I can still remember him carving at times, and putting a lot of detail in his carvings. We all miss him!!

paula childers says...

Dewayne - it is wonderful to hear, however brief, your story about watching your father carve. We have a beautiful kachina that we purchased at a gallery in Sante Fe about 16 years ago, and I\'ve always felt that his spirit is present in this one. Like you, I cannot ever get over the incredible detail.

DeWayne Talashoma says...

I am the son of lowell talashoma sr. and it is really nice to see my fathers work on this page. just seeing it brings me good memories . the memories i always cherish is sitting next to him watching him carve. almost all carvings that i see when he gets done with one, i always have to study it and look at all the detail he puts on his carvings. i always want to own one of his carvings, but he sells it before i ask him if i could keep one. i thank you for sharing and showing the work his done in his past. my father will always be missed.

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