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Self-taught watercolorist Norma Howard touches the heart with poignant stories of her Choctaw and Chickasaw ancestors in Oklahoma. She transports you ...
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Mark Weisenbach says...

I just purchased this print as a gift for
My wife\'s birthday at the Chickasaw Cultural Center. She loved it. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful art.

Misty Stanberry (Couch) says...

I am in a Native American studies class at OU and I chose Norma Howard to write over for our artist profile. We were charged with the assignment of going out and choosing a Native American to write about. I chose Norma because I grew up in Stigler and went to school with her children. I remembered her talent and wanted to check to see what she was currently doing. I am so inspired by her paintings and the stories that she tells of her ancestors. She keeps the Native voice alive through beautiful work.

april dawn says...

you had made my father Alex Folsom from stigler in 1980 a painting called the buffalo hunt. and it is amazing. it doesnt have a number but it has your name. thanks so much.

Rich Eubanks says...

Norma, I just keep admiring your contribution to my Choctaw Calendar for February. My favorite is still \'Memories of the General Store\', which I have a print here in my study. Thank you for such caring and emotional memories of our Oklahoma Choctaw history.

Maxine Huckins says...

Norma, I love your paintings. Would love to have at least one.
So very talented. Love your work,

Scott Y says...

I have a art calendar with stories from 1997 and treasure it very much. Are there any updated calendars to be had that are as recent as 2012? Very touching and very detailed art.

Chuck Roach says...

Norma is my aunt and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the wonderful comments.

joe mccann says...

i am very proud of norma

John Coffman says...

I'm very fortunate to have known Norma since she started painting, years ago and have several original pieces. She is definitely a self taught artist......

Laura Lee says...

We are fortunate to have an original Howard painting from a few years back. Seeing these makes us want more - especially the untitled work # 8152.

Her work brings to one's mind the simpler and more beautiful experiences in life and each piece speaks to you.

John Worman says...

These pieces are outstanding. I hope in the future to buy at least one.

Frank Holt says...

Very beautiful work. It has some of the charactristics of a self-taught artist but the style is very personal because of the subject matter, but the landscapes are very sophisticated. Wonderful execution.

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