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richard zane smith


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Dee Potter says...

Your pottery is beyond praise! We are so happy to have one of your pieces!

John Boomer says...

It;s wonderful to see your progress over the years from the old Ganado days.

Marsha Meyer says...

All of your pieces are beautiful!

Lena Renman says...

I find no words for this! It\'s so wonderful I almost cry of joy

Jorn Therkildsen says...

Stunning work Richard - an old friend from Santa Fe

Rebecca Lorenz says...

Your pottery is magical!!

Claudine Sioui says...

Looking at Richard s masterpieces reminds me the fragility of god among nature elements ;)

Channa Verbian; Toronto says...

soooo beautiful- some of the lovliest pots i have seen

becky horvath. Richard, these are beautiful says...

Stella Watermeyer says...

Yes, Mr Smith, you are blessed with God's talent - absolutely stunning pottery that you create!

Olga KLOCEK from EUROPE- CZECH REP. says...

Dear Mr.RICHARD ZANE SMITH,you are the best poter.God must bless your hands,you are special poter God bless you.

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