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These works have been in the form of space craft, rockets, and scientific apparatus. In this way, art and technology share a symbiotic grace. Most of ...
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rik allen

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Marilyn Blanck says...

Some day I\'m going to have one of these. It\'s hard to choose. Love \'em all! Visited the studio in WA once and had a great time.

Glenn Bordner says...

You take me back to my childhood days of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. The only difference being that your creations are light years beyond what we saw in 1955. With your wonderful objects we become kids again traveling to a distant star. As a docent at MONA I had a lot of fun pointing out your pieces in a recent exhibit there.

Margo Proksa says...


Beverly Morris says...

You obviously have studied with the Martians, the Venutians and the Romans. !!!! Love them all Rik!

Ted Lagreid says...

Absolutely fabulous new fleet. Each one outstanding. Another masterful show Rik. Keep Rockin.

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