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Ellen Hamilton says...

I love the addition of some reds in your new pieces! Gorgeous...

Lesia & Mike says...

As usual your work is exceptional,conveying visual delight!

Mom & Dad says...

The beauty of your work continues to amaze us. It appears that any glass you touch turns into an awesome visual delight!

Howard Cohen says...

I love all of your work. It\'s exquisite and evocative of a simpler time & space

claudette cracklen says...

Hello Shelley,
Congratulations!!! Your art is really spectacular. I enjoyed every piece. I feel fortunate to have known you since your beginnings. Thank you for keeping me in your list and best wishes for continued success and good health for you and Rik. claudettexo

rocío aragon says...

Hi Shelley,

Your work is truely inspired. I'm especially taken with White Birch and Trufulla. May your giftedness continue.

Roman Hrytsak says...

Hi Shelley, I enjoyed looking at your work. Nice stuff. Good people come from Manitoba like your Mom and Dad. Your Mom's brother is married to my twin sister Roxie.
I am a wood carver and carve funking boots from cast off wood.
Wishing you continued success, Roman

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