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The Boys that Became Fish

by Starr Hardridge

web # 14904

Original Paintings

Acrylic on canvas

36"h x 18"w

6 Image(s)

Two boys walked to work the fields
one hot morning.
They decided to rest a while by the riverside.
One boy jumped in. The water was so cool and refreshing.
“I think I’ll play here for a while.”
The other boy said,
“We will surely be punished if we don’t arrive to work.”
“Go ahead my brother. I’ll be here when you get back.”
Later that day, after many hours of hard work,
the boy returned to the river calling out for his brother.
But his brother was nowhere to be found.
There were only birds in the trees and a playful fish slapping his tail on the ground.

-Starr Hardridge

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