24th Annual Marin Show Art of the Americas is on the horizon and the staff at Blue Rain Gallery is raring to go! We bring to you our top artists including, but not limited to, Tammy Garcia, Tony Abeyta, Preston Singletary, Les Namingha and Russell Sanchez.These award-winning artists have a few surprises up their sleeve and we are pleased to bring lots of new and exciting work your way. Tammy Garcia’s signature deigns and motifs in glass are a true sight to see. Her newest bronze and glassworks are truly innovative and stand to prove Tammy’s ability to excel in a multitude of media. While ingenuity and fearlessness in trying new things are just a few of Tony’s characteristics, his distinct style is recognizable in all his work whether it be an abstracted black and white drawing, a vivid New Mexico landscape, or a mixed media piece with materials one could only begin to distinguish from one another. In his one-of-a-kind pots, complex designs and unique shapes demonstrate Les’ ability to successfully execute whatever he envisions. His fluid and seamless designs attest to his popularity with collectors far and wide. Preston’s hand-blown and sand-carved glass sculptures are beautiful interpretations of his Tlingit heritage. These sculptures of traditional objects realized in glass changes your experience of them as light interacts individually with each piece. Russell’s distinct style in his pottery has awarded him much deserved recognition. He has gone beyond traditional techniques passed onto him and created a form of expression all his own incorporating new and innovative designs and materials. The above artists all have in one very precise thing in common; that commonality being that they never fail to exceed your expectations. 24th Annual Marin Show Art of the Americas Saturday, February 23, 10am – 6pm and Sunday, February 24, 11am – 5pm Marin Center and Embassy Suites San Rafael, California See you in the Bay Area!

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