blue rain glass artists shine in july


Blue Rain’s artists are known for pushing the boundaries of their medium, and the newest additions to the gallery’s roster of stars more than live up to that reputation. Take Sean O’Neill’s simple but dramatic vessels in shades of gray, black, and white—these minimalist renderings of patterns and objects found in nature are created by engraving the images into blown- and slumped-glass forms, using cold-working techniques that produce an effect reminiscent of natural erosion. Dante Marioni, a Seattle-based artist, applies the reticello technique to give his classically inspired glassworks a textured complexity, using unexpected colors and shapes that hint at surrealism despite their clear links to ancient pottery forms—kind of like Salvador Dali-meets-the-Etruscans. The Southwest-inspired landscapes of William Davis showcase the painterly qualities that give his glass sculptures depth and vibrancy. Formerly a ceramic artist as well as a glass sculptor, Davis now works exclusively with the “seductive, addictive, female quality” of glass to realize his vision in deeply saturated colors from nature’s palette. Portland, Oregon–based Jeremy Lepisto looks for what he calls “the complex in the common” in his respectful depictions of common scenes featuring people, architecture, and landscapes. By juxtaposing buildings and human activity with their surroundings, he offers subtle social commentary in the form of beautiful sculpture. Who knew skyscrapers and farm work could be so evocative? Check out their work throughout July at the gallery.

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