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Deborah Rael-Buckley creates life-size chair and figure ceramic sculptures layered with meaning and rich symbolism. Each stoneware piece is coil built without the benefit of forms or armature. The sculptures feature branches, bones, ropes, writing, and symbols intertwined to create negative spaces and a play of light and shadow. The elements coalesce into commentary about culture, religion, and family.

Catherine Naylor says...

When I viewed the video clips of my neighbor Deborah Rael-Buckley on this site, I was struck by all that her art form demands of her. The physicality of her whole body as she moves around her creation, bending over it, molding it, her arms and hands building, layering, and smoothing it; a disciplined technical skill required to control what could be a run-away process; a mental and spiritual concentration exacted to “gather the images” from memory and even from what has been forgotten; and a keen presence to be at one with what is becoming in her studio: all signs of a master ceramicist.

When I first stepped into Deborah’s studio a few years ago, I stood before a ceramic sculpture in tribute to her father-in-law who had died from cancer, as my father recently had. Her sculpture held memories and symbols so powerfully present and real in all of their dimensions, that all I could manage to do, was to turn around and walk back home accompanied by my father, remembering him again, and how much I had loved him and still do.

Gracias Deborah!

Kathleen E. Hendrick says...

I am amazed by the depth of meaning within the pieces that Deborah Rael-Buckley creates. She creates these sculptures that are life sized without any internal support system. They have so many hiddent meanings that relate to her background, New Mexico culture and life in general. They are incredibly rich and beautiful. The colors and shapes make them unique on their own but there is this deeper message that lies beneath the surface that waits to be interpreted. I happen to be an owner and and am always surprised at the reaction generated when people encounter Deborah's art for the first time. Once people get beyond the sheer beauty of the sculpture they ask numerous questions about the symbolism incorporated within the piece. She is able to mesh earthy beauty with commentary on life.

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