excitement builds for jim vogel


At this wonderful time of the year, we often get an extensive number of people coming to the gallery asking for Jim Vogel's colorful and expressive paintings of rural New Mexico folklore, culture and scenery. We are often asked why his paintings sell so quickly, how they can get a hold of one and why he uses the "big hands." Over the last two years, Jim's popularity has increased significantly and he has taken his work to a whole new level of excitement and energy. Last summer, we sent out a brochure with all the vibrant and lively pieces involved in the show, and the response was not only tremendous, it quickly vaulted him to sellout status. Although Jim uses a wonderful variation of vibrant colors, charismatic subject matter, and odd shaped frames, the most common element one will see in Jim's dynamic portrayals is the inclusion of "big hands" on the lively people figures that he envelopes in his paintings. While his depictions are often compared to Thomas Hart Benton, he really wasn't familiar with the Missouri artist's work when he first started with the "big hands" many years ago. He only noticed a slight similarity in the brushstroke technique and folkloric content when it was pointed out to him later on in his career. Jim uses these "big hands" to portray the common everyday working person and the idea that great things in this life come through diligent and hard work. As a youngster growing up in Roswell, Jim fondly remembered the big and worn hands of family members and friends, and their endless pursuit of hard labor. He graciously applies these large hands in his dynamic paintings as a tribute to those wonderful and industrious people. We now get hundreds of inquiries a year for Jim's paintings, each one asking for information and questions on how to obtain a painting from this outstanding "big hands" artist. I am really excited for Jim's new show that starts on July 1 here in Santa Fe. I have seen the plethora of colorful and diverse paintings and they are absolutely fabulous! I know that many of you will fall in love with this unique and incredibly brilliant body of work. Abel Garcia Director Blue Rain Gallery Santa Fe

james espinoza says...

Jim\'s work is very exciting, beautiful and interesting. Those hands!! Wow. And the colors.....His work will live on in history.

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