holiday excitement


About this time every year, anticipation has become the tradition at Blue Rain Gallery. All of the staff, including myself, awaits the announcement that new work has arrived. Someone yells from downstairs “Jim just brought in his new pieces!” Then there is a shuffle of chairs and the sound of wood creaking as we all congregate to behold the marvelous creations. For Randall LaGro and Victor Goler’s work it is the same. It is like Christmas at the gallery the whole month as the work pours in for our winter show. We all sit around choosing our favorites, pointing out the subtleties and hidden figures in Randy’s work, or the facial expression on one of Jim’s figures that seems so familiar. We all have a spot picked out in our home for a piece by Victor on our mantel. We all enjoy our little fantasy for a few minutes until reality slowly creeps back in, and all we are left to imagine is the new home to which those pieces will go. What matters to us is that for those few moments the works feel like they are ours. It never ceases to amaze any of us how involved we all feel; how attached we are to both the artist and their artwork. Like a family- we are all personally invested in this business. That is what makes working at Blue Rain Gallery so special; sharing that excitement and our traditions with you. This holiday season let us remember those feelings of excitement, those feelings of joy and happiness. It is those feelings that make this time of year special for all of us. From our family to yours; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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