indian market


Dear Friends, The better part of each year is spent in anticipation of what has become a cornerstone in Blue Rain Gallery’s seventeen year existence—Indian Market. Even with the gradual changes that we have made over the years, the focus of Native American art has remained vital to Blue Rain Gallery’s reputation and core; however, the place where Blue Rain Gallery makes it’s mark is with its continued commitment to innovation and refinement. Blue Rain Gallery’s stellar stable of mid-career and up and coming artists gets better every year and leading the pack are favorites like Tammy Garcia with her much desired works in clay and a new direction in figurative bronze sculpture; Tony Abeyta with his broad repertoire in neo-modern oils on canvas to more abstract charcoal & ink on paper; and Preston Singletary with his sculptured glass interpretations of Tlinglit iconography adorned with concentric geometric patterns. As if this ensemble is not enough of a treat, Blue Rain Gallery welcomes distinguished Santa Clara potter, Nancy Youngblood—known for her smooth, spiral ribbed melon jars and nautilus shell motifs. For the last 3 decades, Youngblood has built a reputation for excellence in innovative design and execution. Youngblood’s newest works in clay will add an extra air of excitement to the Friday morning pottery sale that should not be missed! Sure to please jewelry lovers, this year’s Indian Market poster artist, Maria Samora, is known for her clean, understated jewelry designs and will be a highlight of Blue Rain Gallery’s Indian Market shows. Her mixed metal work—sometimes adorned with diamonds, turquoise or quartz—moves with the body and accentuates the natural beauty of the wearer. Whether this is your first Indian Market in Santa Fe or your 21st Indian Market in Santa Fe, we hope you discover something new and wonderful in Blue Rain Gallery! Respectfully, Leroy Garcia, Owner Blue Rain Gallery

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