kevin a. short: setting the scene


Itís that time again for another blog and this week Iíd like to introduce you to an artist you may or may not know. Kevin A. Short resides in sunny California, but spent the majority of his younger life in New Mexico. Through his work he shares his interpretation of the land and the space that the Southwest embodies. He creates landscape art that is complex yet seemingly simple. When up close to one of his paintings the multifaceted composition of thick paint across the canvas becomes blurred into a sea of color. However, once you take a few steps back, the beauty of the light, color, and immense scene take shape. The colors are of rich reds and browns and the images are of the vast setting of New Mexico and the Southwest. On October 6th, 2006 we will be receiving 20 pieces of Shortís prolific work. Using oil on canvas to create his textured scenes, Short is one of the few landscape artists we feature at Blue Rain Gallery and we are excited to display his new work. Leroy Brown

Ted Sanders says...

We purchased two of Kevin Short's works, "Let's Go" and "Abiquiu," from Blue Rain from among this collection. Two years later, we admire the work even more than when we first saw them in the Gallery.

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