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Dear Friends, As you all know, we are approaching one of our busiest seasons—summer. Leading us into that season, is a new show with intuitive painter, Randall LaGro titled “Feminine Mystique”. I can honestly say, “this is the best new body of work by Randall LaGro in years”. I have been a representative of his painting as well as a collector, and I was recently reminded of all the reasons I was first drawn to his work. LaGro’s artwork is not easily summed up in a few sentences; it takes years to understand the density of his paintings, and often longer to speak about them. There is a great sense of depth, mystery, and poetry suspended in the rich layers of paint, continuing to reveal itself as time passes. “Feminine Mystique” explores the mystery and complexity of the female consciousness, and is ultimately a testament to the strength and endurance of this fine painter of our day. If you are not already versed in Randall LaGro’s artwork, please allow yourself the joy of discovery. LaGro’s newest body of work can be viewed online and in the gallery. Warm Regards, Leroy Garcia, Owner Blue Rain Gallery

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