painting demonstration by tony abeyta


Watch Tony Abeyta create one of his famous landscape paintings right before you eyes. click here to view work by Tony Abeyta music and videography by Gabriel Mozart Steven Abeyta

Jewel says...

Awesome! Thank you, Blue Rain and Tony Abeyta, for sharing. It is especially interesting to see how any artist begins and ends a piece.

Blue Rain has become a favorite gallery. I worked on the Larson Jules "Works of Art" project a couple of years back and was most impressed with the gallery and the staff.

Barrett Toan says...

#1. Tony Abeyta is one of my favorite artists, if not my favorite. Every brush stroke seems to have meaning. #2. His technique seems in harmony with his subject matter, and his subjects resonate for anyone who loves the southwest. #3. I hope he does more large canvases like the one in the video!

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