randall lagro: the poetic realist


To effectively combine the abstract with realism one may look to artist Randall LaGro. LaGro, who has resided in Taos for the last sixteen years, creates a hybrid of the two, allowing his art to reach a broader audience. His unique mix of landscape and portrait art in one adds diversity to the art world and in turn makes his work highly desirable. His paintings come to life whether his focal image is in the forefront or camouflaged by his creative use of color or collage. He asks the viewer to interpret the painting him/herself, while decisively placing allegorical, mythological, and archetypal figures throughout his works. He allows each piece to speak for itself. Collectors of Randall LaGro pieces will be brought into a world where paintings become poetic works and not just brush strokes on a canvas. Coincidentally, it was poetry that confirmed his desire to pursue art. "Letters to a Young Poet" by Rainer Maria Rilke has inspired him predominantly. Although LaGro is never quite sure what will happen next when he is painting, he is aware of the creative process and lets it take him where it wants to. The works are unique to him and therefore each is one of a kind. Early in his career he resisted the printmaking process, but soon taught himself printmaking and the monotype method for which he is well known. The paintings, themselves, are meant to invite the viewer to wonder and with each addition to a LaGro Collection one may create a series of stories so that the journey may never end. Whether your home has a contemporary décor or a more rustic tone, Randall LaGro's oil and mixed media paintings, and monotypes are innovative and intimate additions to your already personal décor. The look and feel of such works transcends time allowing the viewer to question if the painting is set in the past, present, or future. When viewing piece after piece of his artwork I am pleased to know that there is a wall somewhere that will see the privilege of wearing a LaGro. For further information on the collectibility of his work be sure to come back next week and read the newest blog. We are delighted to present these inspirational and highly collectible works in an opening for Randall LaGro September 15th thru October 1st at Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. Hope to see you there! Leroy Brown

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