randall lagro video


Watch and listen to this new video as Randall LaGro discusses his methods, techniques, and materials in creating his intuitive paintings and monotypes. Discover Randallís personal thoughts regarding a shift in mindset toward his new paintings. Randall LaGro will exhibit a new body of his unique and masterful artworks on June 1st through the 15th in our Santa Fe gallery location.

Allegra Carpenter says...

I find your work exceptionally compelling. The overlay of images - great metaphor for life.

victoria heisler says...

Randall LaGro's work is really fantastic. I was forunate to visit his studio years ago when I attended a class at the Taos Institute of Art. I was then, and remain inspired by his work.

Karen Divine says...

I so love your work and find the suggestive qualities are very intriguing. Creating art
from an inner source and dialogue is very exciting for the viewer and especially the

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