roseta santiago show catalog


Francis & Joe says...

Thank you for your glorious gift of \"Roseta Santiago\"; in the forms of your transcendent paintings, of which we are MOST fortunate to enjoy a couple in our home, though that number is SURELY to grow :-) , to the true near bible of Fine Art that IS your fantastic \"Conversations with Roseta Santiago.\" Wow!! THAT was an unexpected Master Class in all things related to Fine Art painting. It has changed and expanded our understanding of what painting IS, and further, what it SHOULD be. Very beautiful and beautifully done, and NOW the New Works for your New Show. Just as Spectacular as anything that one could imagine knowing even a little of your style. your works are just beyond description; except to say that there could be no higher complement from us in saying that to YOU. we hope to be the lucky recipient of at least ONE of these beauties. Not that you need it, given the beautifully described disciplined exploration of your inner world that is so important to you, but best of luck with your Show and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kindness and for being the Fun, Honest, and Remarkably Talented person that you are! Lucky US- :-)

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