spanish market video


Spanish Market is upon us! Witness one of the fastest growing stars among New Mexico painters, Jim Vogel as he explains his creative process. Then, mark your calendars for a visit to Blue Rain Gallery, July 20 at 5:30 pm, Santa Fe. Take this opportunity to ask Jim detailed questions about the piece you want to add to your art collection.

Joan Planek says...

What a cool guy! Great video! I loved the bit about using an eracer. How I wish I could afford his work!!!!

Sally Dieterich says...

The video is wonderful! Especially to thoses of us who used to live in NM. I first saw Jim's work many years ago when he was in the Dixon Studio Tour. Thanks for posting this. His work is amazing.

Cailan Nixon says...

Wonderful. New Mexico has it's own Thomas Hart Benton! He captures the essence of New Mexico like no other. What a treasure.

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