tammy garcia transition to glass


Known for taking traditional pottery to entire new levels, Tammy Garcia continues to set a standard for Native American Art. Having become proficient- and prolific-in both pottery and bronze sculpture, Garcia soon began to yearn for additional challenges and new forms of expression. "I'm always looking for new ways to create," says Garcia, "even on vacation I'm looking around to see what inspires me." Working in glass has allowed Garcia to embark on an entirely new playing field, taking her work to a level that no pueblo potter has been before. Listen to Tammy speak about her transition from clay to glass and her thoughts on with experimenting with new mediums and forms of expression. Jenny Bird & Michael Mandrell Song: Emerging World CD: Sanctuary

Robert A. Goldstein says...

We love our Tammy Garcia piece and it was a great pleasure to meet her this past August. She is amazingly creative and seems to have a feel for many different media which is unique. We hope and trust that she will continue to stretch her talent to places only she can determine. Keep up the great work, Tammy!

Cyndy Copeland says...

We have enjoyed our Mardi Gras bronze piece so much and would love to have one of these beautiful glass pieces. The nation is lucky to have such a great artist creating such a treasure. Thank you.

Earl Stubbs says...

I discovered Tammy's work on a recent trip to Sante Fe. The precision is remarkable. How she can transform her mind's eye into the material's available is the talent of a true genius, but first and foremost, it must be in her mind.

Art is in the minds of the artist and the beholder. She is doing her part.

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