Dear Friends, Eighteen years ago I took a few folding tables and a great deal of hope, along with the best pottery, basketry and paintings I could get my hands on (without having an established reputation as a dealer), and opened a small gallery on the second floor of my family’s home in northern New Mexico. To my surprise, I did quite well at my new vocation, and the need to grow soon became evident. This need brought me to the Plaza of famed art colony, Taos, New Mexico, eventually the business district of stylish Santa Fe, and now the Southwestern gem known as Scottsdale. Blue Rain Gallery has been through a great transformation from its humble beginnings as a source for Native American crafts, to showing the finest in contemporary Native American and regional art, all the way to its most recent eclecticism in contemporary art. The amorphous tendency of Blue Rain Gallery has made us an undeniable force in the contemporary world of fine art. This force, sustained by rockstars of the contemporary art world such as Tammy Garcia, Tony Abeyta, and Preston Singletary, has now breathed life into Blue Rain’s newest incarnation—Blue Rain Contemporary. I proudly present to you, and encourage you to visit, what we believe to be the first of many alternate locations that give justice and new stage to the pillars which we stand. Sincerely, Leroy Garcia Owner and President Blue Rain Gallery | Blue Rain Contemporary

Lois Getz says...

Went to Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe and was blown away by the wonderful works of art...the paintings, the sculpture, the glass....wow....I am in love

Jenny Kimber says...

I am a huge Tony Abeyta fan, so it would only be natural that Blue Rain is one of my most favorite places on Earth .... Hope to visit again very soon! Jenny in California xx


I see no mention of Jim Vogel. He is a force to be reckoned with! I hope to see more of his work!

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