tony abeyta: in my studio: video


"I never want to be labeled ‘predictable’,” said Abeyta. “I want to challenge myself and surprise the viewer, deviating from previous years’ works. I thrive on the unexpected and believe people will find some of that in this show.” --Tony Abeyta The Drawing Show: August 3 - 11 Artist Reception: Friday, August 3, 5:30 pm black and white drawings The Painting Show: August 17 - 19, Blue Rain Indian Market Artist Reception: Friday, August 17, 5:00 pm paintings and assemblages

Grace Jones says...

All your work is so beautiful ! You are a master of all mediums :)
I remember your cat drawings :) Have any works of figurative nudes ?

Jennifer Esperanza says...

≈ Tony... you are so super ≈
xox, jen

devin howard says...

wonderful!!! good to see another type of native artist other than what we are so used to seeing. iam native but modern! thanks devin

constance durham says...

Wonderful! I am Jennifer Esperanza's Mother and have her photo of Tony holding one of his paintings while walking on its site. I love the photo and the this video brings Tony's work to life. Hoping to see some of the work in on my next trip to New Mexico.... thanks for the experience. CD

Michael Levine says...

Enjoyable glimpse!

jim c. says...

this video really makes me inspired, thanks for sharing!

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