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Thank you for celebrating 15 years of Innovative Art with Blue Rain Gallery! We would like to thank our clients for taking the time to visit us in Taos and for making Blue Rain Gallery your first stop to purchase art. View the Vlog to witness the wonderful artists and their studios we visited during our celebration. Here’s to the next 15 years of BRG! Jenny Bird & Michael Mandrell Song: Emerging World CD: Sanctuary

Joe Santiago says...

A wonderful beginning. Our home is full of works of art because we value creativity. Thanks for opening a window on this wonderful human endeavor.

Jim Hickam says...

Great beginning! How about some interviews?

Pat Thompson says...

Wow! Thank you! In a future edition I hope you will include comments from the artists.

Tim Bennett says...

Thanks for a glimpse of what most of us do not get to to see you expand this idea...keep up the good work.

Lisa Chase says...

Wow, Leroy. That was cool. That was a real good piece, very emotional and super beautiful - it was good to see them in their studios like that. The blogs are cool, it really makes one feel a part of it.

Hope your well, and hello to Tammy and your family.

Your former employee,
Lisa Chase

Jerome Bernstein says...

Well done, good beginning. I would like to see a longer presentation with some comments by the artists themselves.

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