welcome to brg's web blog.


Welcome to BRG's web blog. What is a blog, one might ask? It is defined as a public web site where users post informal journals of their thoughts, comments, and philosophies, which are updated frequently and normally reflecting the views of the blog's creator. This blog will obviously represent the thoughts and views of Blue Rain Gallery, and at the same time provide a forum for people to respond and share their thoughts or opinions as to the commentary on the blog. We encourage everyone to take a look, and if you would like, feel free to chime in. We are now entering our 14th year as a gallery, and we have seen many changes in how art is marketed and sold. Obviously, the invent and use of the Internet has sped things up and has helped us reach many more people in a rapid way. In the beginning, when a piece of art would come in, we would have to photograph the piece, wait for the development of the film, mail the image and then wait for a response. The entire process took well over a week. Today, once we receive the artwork, we can digitally photograph and e-mail the piece as well as receive a response within minutes. Looking back, I remember having a conversation with a gallery owner and asking him if he had any plans on incorporating the Internet into his business. He quickly dismissed the idea as a passing fad and said, "The Internet will never be able to represent the beauty and quality in art." It wasn't more than a couple of months after this conversation that Tammy and I introduced Blue Rain Gallery as a new business, and within a few months of that opening we launched blueraingallery.com The first site was a shell of what we have today, listing our hours, a mission statement and a few pictures. Though simple and non-interactive, it did set a standard and a new direction for the sale and marketing of contemporary Native American art. As the years passed, and with many constructive criticisms from our clients, our website has what seems to be an always-evolving life of its own. The creation of this blog is certainly adding to the ever evolving and morphic nature of blueraingallery.com As usual, we would encourage your critiques or ideas on how to make this site better. Leroy Brown

Marti Williams says...

Hi Doug,
I just wandered through your website again. It sounds like you are expanding, showing your beautiful work far and wide. That is wonderful!
From Poly,
Marti Williams

Marcia says...

I love your website. I have only been to your galleries once, but I was able to visit both in Taos and Santa Fe. You have amazing art and the galleries are beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Tallahassee, FL

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