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In our latest wonderful Indian Market brochure we recently launched a “Did You Know?” campaign delivering little known trivia facts that hopefully, made every one thirst for more information on their favorite artists. If you did not receive a brochure, please let us know and we will be more than happy to send you one. Over the next few days, I will try and share a few insightful perspectives and information based on what I feel is exciting and important with regard to our Indian Market shows here at BRG. So what’s new for Indian Market this year? As usual, we have added a few new vibrant faces to the perennial mix. This year, we are pleased to announce the welcomed arrival of one the biggest names in native sculpture, Orland Joe to BRG’s Indian Market lineup. This extremely talented artist recently won the Prix de West Purchase Award at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK. Another new face is Larry Vasquez, who is regarded as one of the most exciting and gifted jewelers in the region. He produces some of the most beautifully ornate necklaces and rings to ever grace an individual. Larry is a charismatic individual of Mescalero descent, who uses storytelling to inspire all or most of his works. Make some time to stop by and visit with him. You will find that he is a real pleasure to be around. As for more news, I will post another update by Wednesday Aug. 9th as to what I hear a few of the artists are working on. Leroy Brown

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