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Visions In Glass, Tammy Garcia and Preston Singletary 2005

Apr 01, 2005

Contact: Janet Caldwell-Cannedy,
Communications Director, Blue Rain Gallery
Phone: 800.414.4893 or 505.751.0066
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tammy garcia: visions in glass
a collaboration with preston singletary

SANTA FE, N.M. [January 27, 2005] – The Blue Rain Gallery is pleased to announce the much anticipated spring show entitled Tammy Garcia: Visions in Glass; A Collaboration with Preston Singletary. This monumental event exhibits the coming-together of two of the best voices in contemporary native art. Celebrated ceramic artist and sculptor Tammy Garcia, and legendary Tlingit glass artist Preston Singletary have joined forces to realize Garcia’s unique southwest native forms and designs in Singletary’s medium of glass. This exciting event takes place on April 1, 2005 at Blue Rain Gallery, 130 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe, N.M. 87501.

The results of this project are stunning: quintessential Tammy Garcia forms translated to glass. From the simplicity of a gun-metal black vessel with the stamp of a Santa Clara bear paw, to the reflections of a traditional canteen shape with tessellated fragments layered over its surface like a mosaic—these pieces give us but a glimpse of the entirety of this endeavor. Each piece is unique, from its chosen color palette, to its level of opacity, to the exceptional design narratives that Garcia employs. These artists, with their remarkable vision and collaborative synergy, have created nothing less than masterpieces the likes of which have never been witnessed.

Some twenty new vessels were originally created by the artists in their autumn collaboration in Seattle. But the work had only begun; Garcia is still incorporating her unique design work. Covered in a vinyl masking material that acts as the canvas, she carefully illustrates the surfaces of each vessel with the same thoughtful intention that she uses with her clay pots. Once completed, the pieces are then sent cross-country, back to Singletary. He then cuts and peels the vinyl off the negative spaces of Garcia’s intricate designs. Finally, he carves the revealed surface by sandblasting, creating a clear-cut and precise high relief.

This fresh and exciting work stands as the culmination of highly tuned artistic sensibilities colliding—collaboration at its best where action becomes reaction, thought becomes dialogue, and two highly talented and distinguished figures push one another to unanticipated territories of creation. These vessels prevail as the highest attainment of creativity put to form.