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Randall LAGRO - Solo Exhibition

Jun 01, 2005

Contact: Janet Caldwell-Cannedy, Communications Director, Blue Rain Gallery
Phone: 800.414.4893 or 505.751.0066
High res images and interviews with the artist are available upon request.

March 22,2005


(Santa Fe, New Mexico) Blue Rain Gallery is pleased to introduce new works by renowned painter, Randall LaGro, in an exclusive one-man show. The exhibition will hang in Blue Rain’s Santa Fe gallery located at 130 Lincoln Avenue from June 1 through June 30, 2005. Blue Rain will unveil a prodigious exhibition of 20 new oil paintings on large-scale wood panels, as well as smaller works. The public is invited to attend the artist’s reception on Friday, June 3, from 5-8 pm, and take advantage of a unique opportunity to discuss the paintings with the artist.

LaGro’s new works highlight his continuing dedication to a vision of painting that draws on classical technique, contemporary times, and an immersion in his own intuitive process. Resisting conscious intention, LaGro applies layers of paint in succession, slowing adding and removing glazes. The emerging forms and elements are enhanced for detail, obscured into ambiguity, or removed altogether. It is an unhurried process, in which LaGro relies on instinct to reach beyond the literal interpretation of form.

The result is a masterful fusion of texture and color in which fragments of obscured figures and forms convey a sense of moving into the shadowy realm of the subconscious. LaGro deftly balances visceral abstraction with representational imagery to evoke personal introspection from the viewer. “I’ve always felt that as a painter, my job, so to speak, has been kind of a mediator to draw people into themselves,” says LaGro.

In his newest series of paintings, LaGro has created moody tableaus that delve deep into the hidden layers of the human psyche. “For some reason, these new pieces have a more industrial feel to them than my previous work,” says LaGro. “There’s a variety of ominous landscapes and only a few figurative pieces in this series. Some of them have no figures at all. I think these relate to the darker side of life, and the idea that sometimes, you have to step into the shadows to move ahead.”

LaGro is quick to add that in spite of the predominant use of somber tones and imagery in these works, “there’s always an aspect of hope.” Indeed, within LaGro’s landscapes, opposing qualities and emotions co-exist. The interaction between tension and calmness, darkness and light, despair and hope, appears to mirror the dualities of the human condition. Viewers of LaGro’s new works will no doubt enjoy musing over the many possibilities of meaning.

Blue Rain Gallery has represented LaGro for five years, according to Carolyn Duval, Director of Blue Rain’s Taos gallery. “Randall is one of the most sought-after, successful artists in the gallery. His work consistently sells quickly.” Excitement is already building among LaGro’s dedicated collectors for the upcoming exhibition of his never-before seen works.