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Iconic Moments, Gustavo Victor Goler, Jim Vogel and Randall LaGro

Dec 16, 2005

Contact: Janet Caldwell-Cannedy,
Communications Director, Blue Rain Gallery
Phone: 800.414.4893 or 505.751.0066
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with the artist is available upon request.


SANTA FE, N.M. [October 18, 2005] – Blue Rain Gallery is delighted to announce its annual holiday show, Iconic Moments. Featuring the newest iconographic representations from three celebrated artists—this event is not to be missed. Gustavo Victor Goler, Randall LaGro and Jim Vogel will present new works, each characteristic of their individual artistic voices, relating to aspects of iconography. The show runs from December 16, 2005 to January 15, 2006 at Blue Rain Gallery located at 130 Lincoln Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501.

Iconography, broadly, is the study of representational images in art. It involves identifying both what a work of art represents—its literal meaning—and the deeper significance of what is represented—its symbolic meaning. Artist Randall LaGro’s work focuses upon aspects of symbolism and intuition. His works bear the inscriptions of historical icons with distressed paint, indentions, gold leaf—all the while encompassing LaGro’s intuitive process and concern for the sacred. Collectible, illuminating and of great visual appeal, LaGro’s newest artwork should be carefully considered by anyone who cares passionately about art.

Icons, specifically, were depictions of Christ or other holy figures used as an aid to devotion in early Byzantine churches. Art history is flooded with familiar examples of the form. Centering upon the “cycles” of the incarnation and childhood of Jesus, these works include The Annunciation, The Crucifixion, and The Last Supper. Master Santero, Gustavo Victor Goler, works from an informed historical perspective, rendering carvings based upon the stories of the saints. He incorporates modernized elements while following correct historical iconography. For the coming show, he will unveil four new pieces that focus upon the birth of Christ. These representations of Mary, Joseph and the Christ child will incorporate both two- and three-dimensional elements, illustrating the artist’s nonpareil skill, comprehensive knowledge and distinctive style.

Acclaimed painter Jim Vogel will also be presenting works based on a theme: the seven corporeal acts of mercy. His compassionate and energetic renderings, cased in the gem-like frames of his wife Christen, will each focus upon one of these seven acts: feeding the hungry; bringing water to the thirsty; clothing the naked; providing shelter for the homeless; visiting the imprisoned; comforting the sick; burying the dead. These archetypes of biblical teachings are rendered in colorful and narrative portraits characteristic of Vogel’s art. Emphasizing the timeless nature of his subject, the artist portrays what he calls, simply, “the fundamental things we should do for one another”.

Celebrate Iconic Moments with Blue Rain Gallery. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to view and collect from never-before seen works of compelling originality, importance and imaginative strength. Witness fresh artistic voices at this one-time event at Blue Rain’s Santa Fe Gallery.